Other Services Offered by Northwoods Therapy

Do you have a large deductible or Health Savings Plan? You can choose to come to Northwoods Therapy and we can work with you to put your money into restoring your abilities. You are making an investment in your health and wellness when you are part of our family. Please ask for more details!

Job Shadowing

Interested in becoming a Physical Therapist? We open our doors to you to come and spend some time with our staff to learn more! Students are able to observe a variety of patients as they are treated at our facility.

Please see the following documents regarding our observation policy. All individuals shadowing are required to read and sign our confidentiality agreement and will be asked to wear a name tag.

Student Observation Policy

If you are interested in observing, call (715) 839-9266 to schedule your first experience in our Altoona office. Additional hours can be scheduled during your first visit.

We look forward to meeting you!